'Wrestles with history's titans & leaves the ring commanding 'nuff respect' - SPIN Mag / Jeff Chang

'Among the best of any current reggae producers in the World' - Tape Op Mag / Larry Crane

".. the heaviest original dub sounds on the planet!.. Twilight Circus is the top sound. ." - XLR8R 

"Ryan Moore is one of the few keeping the sound of modern dub alive.." - Mean Street 

“Moore’s technique remains superior to anyone working in dub today.” – Exclaim!

"Charm, authenticity...wit and proficiency...utterly brilliant," – The Wire

"One of the most creative and original Dub wizards in the world!” - Reggae Vibes

Twilight Circus Interview - Reggae News UK

SF Weekly Interview - origins of the name & dub's rise
"Moore’s take on dub is a radical application of the ideology of dub pioneers like King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Augustus Pablo. His bass lines weigh tons, his atmospheres are deep, and his arrangements are kaleidoscopic while seeming inconspicuous: he “plays” the sound studio"..
DJ Sep - Dubmission SF